KOMPETENZ SEIT 1987       

Our Team

Service is as ambitious as the people behind it!

Our team is the cornerstone of our success. With almost three decades of experience and continuous development, we offer our customers and business partners continuous added value in all of our business areas.

Would you like to know who is committed to fulfilling your wishes and concerns around real estate with us, reliably and competently?

Part of our team would like to introduce itself to you!


Thomas Englich

Position: Managing partner

Phone: 030-82081-100

Torsten Mesow

Position: Managing partner

Phone: 030-82081-100

Matthias Englich

Position: Property Manager

Phone: 030-82081-100

Katrin Wellerdt

Position: Assistant to the Management

Phone: 0395-45129703

Ines Kretschmann

Position: Property Manager

Phone: 0395-45129750

Gudrun Pacholke

Position: Commercial Facility Manager

Phone: 0395-77756074

Reinhard Schwebke

Position: Technical Facility Manager

Phone: 0395-5584272

Tobias Malchow

Position: Facility Manager

Jörg Wigboldt

Position: Facility Manager